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Playing Trips and Big Pairs in Limit 7 Card Stud

Getting a starting hand consisting of trips or a pair of Aces or Kings is the dream of every Limit 7 Card Stud player. However, on the times that you do obtain them, it is important that you do not abandon your strategy and just go all in. On the contrary, you need to ensure that you get the most money possible from these hands.

The worst kind of Limit 7 Card Stud strategy that players do when they grab hold of the trips (or three of a kind) for a starting hand is to immediately raise and go all in. This will send warning signals to all players, even the fish, that you have something that can win the pot, and this will result in quick folds, leaving you with a small pot.

The long time that you waited to get that kind of hand will be wasted on a miniscule pot. To avoid that happening, you must not let anyone know what kind of hand that you hold until you are in the fifth or sixth streets of a Limit 7 Card Stud game. Get everyone to call and raise by making sizeable bets, just enough to entice them to keep putting money into the pot.

As for high pairs like Queens and up, you should make a play for them regardless of your bank roll, the only exception being if you see the other hands being present on the up cards of the other Poker players on the table. Another factor that your Limit 7 Card Stud strategy must consider is that the lower the pair, the higher your kicker must be.

Holding a pair of Jacks for instance, with a low kicker, can be a dangerous hand to play. However, with a high kicker, you will have the option of playing on, particularly if your opponents are weak, or their up cards are not as strong as yours.

The trips and big pairs in Limit 7 Card Stud almost always gives you a chance at winning, but the size of the pot that you will win is dependent entirely on how you are able to play them. This is a fact that is often overlooked by a lot of players who get awestruck by holding the nuts.

This is the difference between the average players and those who can make a living playing Limit 7 Card Stud. Learn to play the big hands properly, and you will not just win, but win big.