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Poker Tourneys: Developing the Proper Outlook

There are a lot of differences between a typical cash game and a Poker tourney, including the strategies that need to be utilized. But for newcomers to tourneys, the most conspicuous and difficult one to handle are the win/loss ratio. For some it seems that making money is more difficult. However, that is not the case; a different outlook is what is needed.

When you play in Poker tourneys, you need to understand some basic facts. One is that your chips are your lifeline. Lose them and you will be eliminated. This is one of the major adjustments that cash game players, used to rebuys, have to contend with. With this added pressure, it makes decision making more difficult, and thus makes routine acts like raising or limping more difficult.

As stated above, the strategies and techniques that you will need to use are different from the usual ones that you employ. Although it is usually said that in Poker tourneys you will need to exercise more restraint, there will be some cases where being bold can pay off.

If you are at a table with weak or nervous players, take the opportunity to try and play with more hands. Be willing to take some risks and do not let the blinds consume your chips.

Also, you will need to have a bigger bank roll to cope with the swings in tourneys. This is also one of the biggest challenges that most new players face.

For those who are used to winning regularly in Poker cash games, it will be hard to accept the fact that it may take as many (in the beginning) as fifteen tournaments before one actually gets to be in the money, to say nothing of winning the top prize.

However, the fact is that as in cash games, the key to Poker tourney success lies in looking at it in the long term. Just learn as much as you can about the game and the basic strategies. Also know that as you gain experience, you will be able to move up and make it to the money stages, and thus recuperate your early losses.

Above all, have the patience to play; the time you put in will be compensated for when you get to the final table and win the big money. Do not be like the others who are in too much of a rush, trying to win it all and losing their stack; instead make money in the tourneys off these kinds of Poker players.