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Playing Multi Table Poker

Even if you have yet to play, you will no doubt have heard of multi table Poker, wherein you are allowed to play at several tables simultaneously. However, if you are still new to Poker, you should first consider some basic facts, well before playing games for cash.

First of all, while most sites allow you to play multiple tables, there is no guarantee that you can play multi table Poker from different sites. The reason is that these sites use different types of software, so there is no guarantee that they will all be compatible. You should try them out first.

Another possible disadvantage of multi table Poker is that you will not be able to read any of the players. As a newcomer it is quite difficult to get a grip on reading on one table, let alone several. Another thing that may affect a player, especially a novice, is that playing several tables means keeping an eye on several hands and buttons.

If the action on the Poker gets quite intense, one can end up making a mistake. Hitting the raise button when you intend to fold might prove costly. Of course, you could also stand to lose more money the more hands that you play. The fact is that a lot of players often end up remembering only those cards that won, and only when they look at their bank roll do they see that they are in the red.

However, multi table Poker has several benefits as well. For one, playing in several tables increases your chance to several big pots tremendously. Even though you may lose some hands, a big pot win will be more than enough to recover your losses.

In addition, the more you play multi table Poker, the more easily you will become adept at reading players. This skill takes time, and by playing more hands, you will be able to learn it much faster. Also, playing lots of hands will put you under pressure, and learning how to cope with it can help you when you move up the high stakes Poker games.

Finally, playing in multi table Poker will often allow you to gain access to more bonuses. Poker sites usually reward players who play more hands, and doing so will help you gain the bonus cash, giving you more money to play with.

The only way to decide if multi table Poker is for you is to try it first. A lot of players are in fact hesitant, but after a few games, they become accustomed to it quickly. Do not worry if you lose some hands at first.

Just get a feel for it. If you like, you can play a solitary table for awhile, then when your skills have improved, you can move on to multi table Poker, where your bank roll can increase quickly.